Grav Spheres

A accelerometer & gyroscope mounted inside of a ball tracking its movement. Data gets streamed wirelessly to a MQTT broker. The laptop seen in the video subscribes to the data stream and converts it to MIDI notes. The notes then get translated to sound by Ableton Live.
Part of a uni project.


Me, Shaun and Sam discussing the project


  • Sam Wray (hardware, network)
  • Shaune Oosthuizen (hardware, unity)
  • Yiyi Shao (visuals)
  • Thomas Preindl (sonification)
  • Yannick Boers (documentation)
  • Liam Gasson (theoretical writing)

Space Impact


Prototype in progress


Finished prototype


Based on Space Impact (a sidescroller known from old Nokia phones) I am developing a standalone game machine. The project is still in progress.