POLYCRUSHER is a local multiplayer game for up to 4 Players.


Ingame screenshot


Character design sheet of Birdman


A heatmap showing where the most enemys get killed in one specific level. The unusual concentration of kill events (the red spots) tell us that some players may exploit a map design error, allowing them to stay in on position and concentrating their fire on one spot.


The Polyscrusher team getting feedback from Riot Games’ champion designer Bradford “CertainlyT” Wenban.

My part was character design, modelling, rigging and animation of most of the characters and some enemies. Furthermore I developed a tools for data aggregation and visualization, which we used for analysing player behaviour and the online highscore. I also was responsible for the conceptualization and editing the game trailers.

POLYCRUSHER is already released on Steam!

Public Appearance (selection):

Team members:

  • Parzival Legmaier (project lead, programming)
  • Dietmar Rammerstorfer (programming)
  • Andreas Pointner (programming)
  • Sarah Sauseng (level design, asset modeling, app programming)
  • Julia Angerer (character design, animation, production)
  • Thomas Preindl (concept art, character design, animation, database communication)
  • Andreas Haslinger (app programming, network communication, interface design)
  • Pascal Moschina (soundtrack)

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