POLYCRUSHER is a local multiplayer game for up to 4 Players.


Ingame screenshot


Character design sheet of Birdman


The Polyscrusher team getting feedback from Riot Games’ champion designer Bradford “CertainlyT” Wenban.


A heatmap generated for level optimization.

Responsibilities: character design, modelling, rigging and animation of most of the characters and some enemies. Furthermore I developed a tools for data aggregation and visualization, which we used for analysing player behaviour and the online highscore. I also was responsible for the conceptualization and editing the game trailers.

POLYCRUSHER is already released on Steam!

Public Appearance (selection):

Team members:

  • Parzival Legmaier (project lead, programming)
  • Dietmar Rammerstorfer (programming)
  • Andreas Pointner (programming)
  • Sarah Sauseng (level design, asset modeling, app programming)
  • Julia Angerer (character design, animation, production)
  • Thomas Preindl (concept art, character design, animation, database communication)
  • Andreas Haslinger (app programming, network communication, interface design)
  • Pascal Moschina (soundtrack)

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